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What a great way to show your honor and heritage with these Personalized Shirts & Hats.  Henson Embroidery is now world-wide. I have sold our embroidered items internationally to other civil war reenactment and historical groups. I have personally digitized all of these designs to fit the needs of all reenactment groups/GAR's/Flag Restorers/Civil War Round Tables/Preservationist and just those folks who are truly into Civil War History.

You can show your groups "unity" by wearing these shirts & hats at events. They will be personalized with your unit's name, or whatever name you would want at the bottom. I have had customers call and request just a battle name like Gettysburg, under the insignias.

These, like I said before are all personally digitized with your specific needs in mind. Please take a look at what I have to offer with the selections below. I do offer combined shipping on multiple items & if you decide to order 12 or more combined items, receive a 5% discount!

Also - I am ALWAYS looking for new ideas and really would like to hear from you to find out what you would really want.

Thanks for stopping by my website and take a look at some of the other civil war embroidered-ware I have done for other units. You might be surprised and find something that you really would like. Or, like I said before - contact me with your suggestions and I'll see what I can come up with for you.

Most of the designs for the shirts are
approximately 3" x 3" and the designs for the hats are approximately 2” x 3”.

If you want something for your re-enactment group, think about these great embroidered emblems, personalized with your unit name below. These great designs are all professionally machine-embroidered with your re-enactment unit below.

If you are interested in seeing the different types of apparel and items to embroidery on, please check out my site

Choose from any design listed here or contact me at via email.

Please note: All digitized embroidered artwork and emblems are licensed and property of HENSON EMBROIDERY, do not copy or reproduce.


Please stay tuned as I am updating my web site with all the new Civil War Embroidered Items that I have to offer.



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Here are some of the embroidered work that I have done for other civil war customers:


Here are some of the different embroidered work that I have done for other customers:


All Designs Licensed to and Copyrighted

Henson Embroidery @ 2007

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